Braddock’s Trail Park


The 148-acre Braddock’s Trail Park of North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania provides more than just wildflowers, although the spring is a busy time for the area. It has a historical connection to The Braddock Campaign and the march of British Major General Edward Braddock in his effort to take Fort Duquesne during the French and Indian War.

Many of the structures at the park were built by Eagle Scouts in the area. Township crews are busy with upkeep. Thanks, guys!

Sony Pictures recently scouted the park as a possible filming site for an upcoming TV series. Read more at TribLive.

Years ago, the township and community members discussed the possibility of building a permanent nature center at Braddock’s Trail, which would serve as an education center for local schools, community organizations, and interested individuals. Those ideas are featured in this Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Article: “Braddock’s Trail nature center proposed” (1999).

The park is dog friendly, and pet owners are encouraged to take advantage of “clean up” stations offered in convenient locations. Hilly terrain makes for great hiking, and there are several scenic locations. Be sure to bring a camera or smartphone!

Another project completed by a member of Troop 257 of Irwin, Brock Shaffer. This footbridge spans a small stream.

The park is easily accessible via Robbins Station Road. The Google Map at the bottom of the page should provide some more information on how to get to Braddock’s Trail.

The North Huntingdon area has many active Boy Scout Troops, and a few of them have taken interest in performing Eagle Projects in the park, ranging from bridge-building to trail construction. Coupled with the township’s support, Braddock’s Trail continues to develop and grow into a community hot spot. Among those projects found throughout the park highlights the waterfall, and is also a memorial for area resident and Eagle Scout Michael Sweeney. Michael’s parents ask that we remember him by performing “a random act of kindness. Michael was a kind and loving young man. He was funny, compassionate, and the first to lend a hand. No gesture is too small to make a difference in someone’s life.”

An Eagle Project by and In Memoriam of Michael Sweeney.

Other projects include an extension of the waterfall fence by Nick Hornicak, and a remulching of the trails by Liz Hornicak to earn her Gold Award with the Girls Scouts.


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